Connectix brings together seven of Northern Ireland’s leading indigenous technology companies to scope and study the opportunities for collaboration in addressing the ever-growing and global “Smart City” marketplace.


Smart Cities

“Smart City” is a term used to describe an urban area that utilise technology to both improve existing services, and to solve new and emerging issues that Urban Living and Urban Growth present. The world is an increasingly urbanized place. The United Nations state that in 2018 55% of the world’s population lived in urbanized areas, with growth projected to see this increase to around 68% by 2050. Managing this growth and the required extension of services and resources to accommodate it is a huge challenge for local and national governments across the world.

Northern Ireland Innovation

Northern Ireland has a well-established tradition of innovation and collaboration, especially in our technology sector. As a world-leader in Cybersecurity, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Life & Health Sciences and Renewables & Energy and many other growth sectors of technology, indigenous companies have great potential to innovate, deliver and support solutions that scale, interoperate and significantly improve outcomes for clients at home and abroad.

The Connectix Network

The Connectix network will report on its findings into the opportunities for the pilot network and over 150 other local technology companies that have been identified as having “Smart City” relevant products and services in Q2 2021.

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